The Importance of Ultrasound Scans for Pregnant Women


ultrasoundAn ultrasound is very important during pregnancy. It’s so important that doctors would normally have their pregnant patients undergo the scan thrice – one during the first trimester, another during the second, and one more on the third.

Many women, unfortunately, go through the routine process without even asking why. This procedure has been the norm, and only a few care to ask its importance.

Lucky for you, this article will discuss exactly why ultrasound scans are necessary.

The Ultrasound Scan

The term “ultrasound” refers to the sound in the frequency, which is inaudible to humans. Those sounds create the imagery of the unborn child. Sometimes, ultrasound scan is referred to as ultrasonography or diagnostic sonography.

Pregnant women are required to undergo this procedure during the various stages of pregnancy to determine the condition of the child and monitor its development.

The First Trimester

An ultrasound scan serves several purposes during the first trimester. It confirms pregnancy, checks the heartbeat of the fetus, and determines the gestational age of the baby. It also estimates the due date.

The ultrasound scan detects whether the mother will have twins, triplets, or more as well. Some conditions that can be detected at this stage are ectopic pregnancy and any abnormal growth concerning the fetus.

The Second and Third Trimesters

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the purpose of the ultrasound scan changes. A scan will determine whether the baby is in the correct position or not. The sex of the baby is also determined at this stage.

Characteristics of babies suffering from Down syndrome could be detected as well.

Now you know how important an ultrasound scan is. This procedure is the only way for you to know everything you need to know about the baby – and perhaps save you and your little one’s life.

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