The Importance of Right Alignment

Woman showing her white teeth

Having jaws that meet together correctly is really important. When they don’t, all sorts of problems can ensue, including pain in later life with what is known as a temporomandibular joint disorder. The TMJ is the jaw joint and it is operated by muscles on the top and sides of the head, the cheeks and the neck; plenty of muscles to ache if the jaws don’t meet together correctly.

However, fixing misaligned jaws needs to be done in childhood with braces in Windsor. These functional appliances, as such braces in Windsor are also known, are fixed onto the top and bottom teeth and joined together at the jaw. Functional appliances are usually removable.

The twin block

The twin block system gently moves the lower jaw forward using a screw system. The twin block can be used on patients of all ages, but hopefully the misalignment is spotted and treated in childhood.

Fixed braces

These are the traditional bracket and wire braces in Windsor that are generally associated with teeth straightening. If there are severe misalignment problems, then having metal braces is better as they are stronger and can apply more force for straightening badly placed teeth. Teeth can only be moved so fast, so severe and complex misalignments can take a year or two to resolve.

Cosmetic braces in Windsor

There are also braces that have been developed to correct mild to moderate misalignment, often on the front teeth only. These can use gentler forces to correct the teeth, which can mean smaller brackets, often made of clear ceramic, and only one fine, tooth-coloured wire. These blend in with the teeth and are very popular with adults.

Invisible braces

There are also braces that go behind the teeth, on the tongue side, that can be used to correct complex issues, as well as other braces that aren’t braces at all, but what are known as aligners.

Aligners look like very thin, transparent mouth guards and the patient wears a series of them, with progressively different pressure points built in, to gradually move their teeth. These are removable for eating and cleaning.

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