The ‘Desk Diet’: How It Can Harm Your Oral Health without You Noticing


CerealsYou bought a Frappuccino and croissant for breakfast, you ordered a bacon sandwich for lunch and you ate microwaveable popcorn for afternoon snack. Due to your demanding desk job, you find it difficult to eat properly and healthily.

As you have to meet deadlines and answer those hundreds of e-mails, it is easy to eat high-calorie food and sit in front of the computer all day. But did you know that doing so can only take its toll on your oral health? Sure, you love your job, but having little to no time to plan your meals can affect your overall well-being. A new study highlights the dental dangers of so-called ‘desk diet’.


Bringing breakfast cereals and eating them at work may not seem harmful, but it contains sugar that can damage your teeth. Over time, you may find yourself complaining about aching tooth and bleeding gums. Dental professionals claim that some cereals have three teaspoons of sugar per serving, which is equivalent to two and a half chocolate biscuit. Eating sugary treats during breakfast can be satisfying, but it only increases your risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease.

The first step you should take is to change your eating habits. It is best to eat wheat biscuits or low-sugar porridge oats. In addition, you can go for crunchy fruit.

Coffee and Tea

Drinking coffee and tea can soothe your stressful mind or make you alert. But both are notorious for staining teeth and damaging the enamel. As a matter of fact, many orthodontists say tea and coffee can cause bad breath.

Even though you feel like caffeine can boost your energy and keep you occupied, you have to drink responsibly. Limit your intake and drink plenty of water after consumption. The caffeine’s negative effect is not worth it, not to mention can that it be costly.

Demanding desk jobs may not just affect your posture or your weight. Whatever you are eating at work, it can affect your oral health, too.

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