The Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss


Hearing loss is a widespread occurrence in the country. Up to a quarter of people aged 55 to 64 have some level of hearing loss. This percentage increases to about half of the population for those older than 65. For those in Denver, hearing specialists can address these kinds of problems.


Hearing loss occurs in several levels and has different symptoms. These include hearing muffled speech and other sounds, difficulty in understanding a conversation, and needing to turn up the TV or radio volume. This results in the person frequently asking others to speak more plainly, loudly, and slowly for them to understand the conversation. It also forces the individual to withdraw from any social interaction.

Losing Hearing

There are several reasons for losing hearing. The most common include damage to the inner ear, massive buildup of earwax, ear infections, and injury to the eardrum. The inner ear is composed of three tiny bones that work together to convert sound waves to information for the brain. Damage to the small ears is usually through a trauma of some sort, which can lead to the inability to convert sound waves.

Earwax is a part of the body’s mechanism to protect the ears. It is supposed to leak out and clean the ear canal slowly. However, when the earwax remains inside the ear, it causes a blockage. Ear infections can be painful and disrupt the normal function of the inner ear.

A ruptured eardrum can cause permanent damage. This occurs when a loud sound or an explosion occurs near the person, damaging the eardrum. Continuous or prolonged exposure to loud noises can also lead to hearing loss.

Overall, hearing loss is a significant problem for a lot of people, but there are ways to prevent or manage its symptoms.

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