Technological convenience


Woman wearing her invisalignPatients wishing to realign their teeth will often need to have detailed dental impressions made. Available in London, Invisalign iTero makes detailed images of the patient’s mouth digitally. Its innovative 3D scanning procedure removes the need for dental putty. This makes for a better experience overall, and adds to the comfort and convenience of the tooth realignment procedure.

Using Invisalign iTero in London

In London, Invisalign iTero is available from many dentists such as Graham Tinkler. It’s a system that has advantages for the dental practice. Its speed and accuracy are a real bonus. The patient doesn’t have to go through the experience of having a mouth full of putty and waiting for a good enough impression to form. This puts restrictions on their breathing and swallowing, and can cause anxiety. Afterwards, there’s an unpleasant residue to deal with.

Invisalign iTero in London avoids all of these problems. The patient holds a scanning component in their mouths, but because of its innovative construction, breathing and swallowing are not affected. If any discomfort or anxiety does occur, the process can be interrupted. Sneezing is no problem, and the patient can make themselves comfortable without worrying that the procedure will be spoiled.

Speedy and detailed

Invisalign iTero in London enables the patient to see a simulation of how their teeth will appear at the end of their treatment. On the high-definition computer screen, the dentist can show the patient all the improvements their realignment will achieve. The new, future smile can then be compared to the current one. This helps the patient to picture the results of their treatment before it begins. While wearing their clear aligners, they’ll be better able to imagine the great results, having had an insight into the process.

Better procedures

Invisalign iTero in London is a big step forward in dental imaging. Its speed and comfort enable the patient to relax more easily during the process. The impressions it makes have a high degree of accuracy, and are available very quickly after the scanning is complete. The patient’s experience of clear aligners will be even more comfortable overall.

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