Smile Improvements in Just 6 Months

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Lots of adults in the UK suffer with misaligned or crowded teeth. And suffer is the right word – these problems can make people feel embarrassed about their smile. It can be a huge knock to self-confidence when a person can’t smile with confidence. But there is an answer – braces. In North London, many adults are turning to cosmetic braces to fix their smiles.

A large number of dentists offer a variety of cosmetic braces in North London, including Denchic Dental Spa. One type of cosmetic braces is Six Month Smiles, which enables patients to correct misalignments in just 6 months, hence the name.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Most people are aware that braces in North London are the best way to correct uneven, crowded or gappy teeth. Not everyone is aware that dental technology has moved way past the traditional metal braces though. Six Month Smiles are similar to traditional braces, but also different many ways. They are aimed at adjusting the frontmost teeth, meaning they work much faster and use less force, meaning less discomfort for the patient.

The Six Month Smiles Journey

Adults who wish to improve their smile can do so in no time with these innovative braces in North London.

Step One

Firstly, the prospective patient will meet with a dentist who can provide the Six Month Smiles treatment for a consultation. The dentist will examine the teeth and see if they are a good candidate for the braces.

Step Two

Once it has been established that the patient is suitable for Six Month Smiles, an appointment will be made for fitting the braces. In North London there are a number of providers who can do this.

Step Three

It won’t take long to start seeing a difference. Adjustments will be made to the braces between 3-7 times, depending on how complex the case is.

Step Four

After 6 months the braces come off and the patient is left with a beautiful new smile to show off.

It’s Easy As That

It really is a simple process. With affordable options to suit every budget, it is worth making this small commitment to get a smile that inspires confidence.

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