Self-care for Busy Working Parents


Being a parent is a rewarding task. But the moment you become one, your focus is all on your bundle of joy. Your priorities change, and it can be hard to find a balance between your personal needs and your family’s priorities. As your child grows older, you could find it hard to go back to putting the focus on yourself.

You could be worrying about their needs, too. There could be days when you feel like you do not have much time to balance your job and taking care of your kids. And when people talk about self-care, you might feel that it is selfish to put yourself first, especially when others depend on you for love and affection.

There are days when parenting can be stressful. However, you should not feel guilty about taking care of yourself, too. Take a day off, send your kids to a child care center for a day, and relax. Here’s how you can squeeze in some time for a self-care session.

1. Find time to meditate.

Meditation does not take much of your time. In fact, it is something you can do despite your packed schedule. Meditation helps you feel refreshed, even in the middle of a stressful day. You do not need to book a yoga class to meditate. You can opt for a 5-minute guided meditation or a breathing exercise available on different websites and apps. This helps reduce your stress, and you can even have your child join you as you take time to relax.

2. Go out and experience nature.

Several studies show that spending outdoor time can be relaxing and psychologically fulfilling. Take a quick walk in a nearby park, or tend your own garden if you can’t go far. This simple opportunity can help you feel relaxed and rested.

If you have the luxury of time to go out and experience hiking, go ahead. But if you are not able to go out, check out landscape photos at least. Alternatively, you can bring home a small plant or succulent if you do not have your own garden. Some studies prove how patients in hospitals that have windows overlooking green spaces heal faster than those without views of greenery. These sights are great for managing anxiety and pain and can contribute to their physical and mental health.

Aside from green spaces, having a beach trip can also be relaxing. If you live near a lake or a coast, take some time to appreciate the view. The presence of water creates a sense of relaxation and can increase productivity and creativity. If you enjoy blue spaces but do not have much space or time, opt for an aquarium at home.


3. Form a book club with friends.

Your other parent friends could use some self-care time, too. Why not form a book club instead? A book club can help you have regular social interaction with people you have a common interest with. Aside from that, it also serves as a motivation for you to do some reading.

If your friends are not into reading, you can look for book clubs in your local library. They can also help link you to other clubs. Online book clubs are also a trend these days since most people would opt to stay at home than socialize in public.

4. Write your thoughts in a journal.

A journal is a great avenue for you to express your creativity through writing (and maybe, some scribbling). While many people write in their journal to express their stresses for the day, it is also a great idea to pursue a gratitude journal. This will help you count your blessings and achievements for the day.

It can be as simple as listing three to five things you are grateful for the day or a full entry filled with wonderful stories. It is a great way to remind yourself of the things that bring you joy. It also does not cost much.

5. Take a break from gadgets and social media.

Keeping yourself updated through social media and other handheld technologies could bring some relaxing time. However, reading too many updates or watching too much can also cause more stress.

Digital devices could take away time that you should be spending on yourself or your family members. Spending too much time on social media can also pressure you to look perfect. It can be a struggle to always keep up with trends.

A digital detox can help you reset and rest. Filter what you need to know, and check updates only at a given schedule. You can also ask your children to join your detox. This way, you can spend more time with each other.

Neglecting self-care can affect not just our physical and mental health. It could also compromise our relationships with the ones we love. Taking time for self-care and wellness is not selfish. It is a must so you can be your best at work and home.

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