Science-approved: Three Weird But Effective Weight Loss Strategies

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You have probably heard of so many tips and tricks for slimming down. Cut back on sugar. Control portion sizes. Come to the gym on time. Perhaps you’ve tried all the crazy diet trends, too, from the five-bite regimen, the blood-type menu, down to the baby food meal. Believe it or not, there are other bizarre weight loss strategies you probably have never heard of. They are equally effective like your no-sugar, strict-portion-control efforts. Here are some of them:

Sleep in a cold room

According to a study that gathered so much attention years back, the simple act of dozing off in a room with a low temperature can shrink some fat away. The researchers explained that the cold can help increase levels of brown fat. This is the good kind of fat that burns calories to generate heat in the body. As a result of this process, you improve metabolism and your health in general.

In the study, the coldest temperature the scientists used was 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit. You might want to stay in the 65 to 68 range the next time you tinker on your thermostat. Make sure that your air-conditioning unit is working in order. In Utah, the necessary AC tune-up by a reliable specialist should be an annual thing to avoid costly problems in the future and prolong the service life of your unit.

Turn the lights up

modern kitchen lit by bright lights

There’s a reason restaurants have dim lighting — beyond making your dinner more romantic. It’s to increase your appetite. Experts explain that the less bright the eating environment is, the more likely you’re going to amp up the calories. What is in the brightness that helps you slim down? It’s simple: You feel more alert in a well-lit space, so you’re more conscious of your eating decisions — whether you should fill your plate for the third time, why you should reach for more protein-rich veggies, or basically when to stop munching.

Now you don’t have to cancel your candle-lit date. You just have to be alert. Go for a walk or light run before dinner. Ask interesting, thought-provoking questions to your date. These will keep your mind awake.

Get a pet

No, it’s not only the exercise you’re forced to take when walking the dog that helps you slim down. A lot of pet owners don’t really make the effort of exercising with their dogs. What aids in your weight loss efforts is the reduction of stress levels. According to experts, the simple act of petting your dog is calming, triggering the release of oxytocin and lowering the stress hormone cortisol. As you know, too much stress is associated with obesity. If you don’t have time to get away for a vacation or shake off the tension from work woes through regular exercise, maybe you can just make the commitment of petting a dog every day.

It’s good to adopt the tried-and-tested weight loss tips. It’s okay to jump into crazy diet trends, too, as long as your doctor sanctions it. But if you want to go out of the box and try on stranger yet science-backed strategies, then consider the suggestions given here. All the best in your efforts!

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