Root Canal Treatment: What Are the Symptoms You Might Need It?


Getting an affordable root canal in Boise All your teeth are composed of nerves and blood vessels that are located in the center pathways or canals of your mouth. When the teeth are originally formed, these blood vessels and nerves are the ones responsible for delivering the nutrients and minerals to your teeth. Once infected or injured, it may damage your teeth and may also infect your gums. This is where root canal procedure comes in to fix and save your teeth, but how do you know if you need one? Look out for these common signs:

Severe Dental Pain

Often the first indicator that something is wrong in your dental nerves is when you feel excruciating pain, especially when you’re performing normal activities like drinking, talking or eating. At times like this, you must visit your dentist so they may examine the problem. In most cases, people who experience this type of pain often reveal their oral cavity has been infected and the only way to stop is to undergo a root canal.

Oral Infection

Another sign that you may have trouble with your dental pulp is you have a broken or chipped tooth, leaving the nerves exposed to bacterial infection. Leaving this for long, it may result in other dental issues. If your tooth is damaged badly, you may need to remove or extract it totally. The worst case is the infection may travel through the bloodstream, which may cause multiple health complications to your body. The best way to handle the situation is to contact your dentist and have them check it.

Extreme or Prolong Sensitivity

Heat and cold sensitivity should be a warning sign for you. Drinking cold or hot beverages shouldn’t be a problem. If you feel like the sensation has been staying for too long, then you might have troubles with your dental pulp. When ignored, this sensation may progress to a far more serious dental issue, including numbness or swelling. Make an appointment to the dentist and if you need to undergo an affordable root canal treatment in Boise, do it. Otherwise, you and your oral health will suffer.

Inflammation & Numbness

Any tingling or swelling sensation in your gums is also a sign that your dental nerves might be in trouble. This is associated with an abscessed tooth that causes severe tooth decay and dental trauma. If you happen to suffer from this sensation, you should immediately head off to your dentist to ask for help. The quicker you treat it, the higher the chance you can save your teeth and gums.

Remember that not all teeth may need to require root canal procedure. However, if you notice the following signs and is experiencing pain, you should immediately get in touch to your dentist for further assessment and proper treatment.

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