Why People Love Dental Implants in Basingstoke

a perfectly aligned teeth made possible by dental implants

When it comes to replacing teeth that have had to be extracted, or have been knocked out, people have three options. Each has its benefits, but only one seems to be without drawbacks – dental implants. This is the only teeth replacement method providing full functionality.

In Basingstoke, dental implants are inserted by oral surgeons, such as those at Glenholme Dental. These dentists carefully plan where to insert the implants to withstand the enormous pressures, about 97kg or 200lbs, produced by chewing.

Complete functionality

Dental implants make replacement teeth fully functional because of the stable chewing base provided by the implants being inserted into the jawbone. Here, the highly biocompatible titanium from which the implants are made sparks the growth of new bone tissue, and over a couple of months, the bone and the implant mesh together to become one.

This gives people the freedom to eat whatever they like. If they have been without teeth for some time, or have had dentures, they may well have been restricted to a soft food diet, which can be lacking in nutrition. The other thing is that because implants rely on the jawbone for support, they don’t need a plate over the roof of the mouth, which gets in the way of the taste buds. Dentures have a plate covering the roof of the mouth, and people complain that they can no longer taste their food. Chewing and tasting are a fundamentally important part of eating, one of life’s great pleasures.

Being able to eat properly, and bite into things like apples, without fear of the teeth coming loose is an important advantage of dental implants in Basingstoke.

Implants also have the edge over fixed bridges in being inserted into the jawbone. Bridges are two or three teeth in a line that rest on the gum, held in place by being fixed to the healthy teeth either side of them, using their roots for stability. The trouble with this method of replacement is that the healthy teeth have to be ground down in order to have buttresses fixed over them, and once this is done, can never be teeth in their own right again.

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