What orthodontic treatments can you have as an adult?

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It is very common practice for children to have their teeth straightened, and as technology advances, there are more amazing orthodontic treatments becoming accessible to all. But what about those of us who unfortunately missed the opportunity to straighten our teeth as children? It is common for adults to want to change the alignment of their teeth or correct bite issues later in life, but starting orthodontic treatment in adulthood can feel daunting. But your orthodontist< Liverpool would want to reassure you that anyone can add a little bounce to their smile.

What treatments are available to adults?

Clear braces or Invisalign<

These types of braces are plastic trays that can be moulded to fit flush on top of your teeth and use a series of different clear aligners to move the teeth over time. They can fix lots of different orthodontic problems including crowding, gapping, overlaps, overbites and underbites. The major benefit of this system when straightening teeth as an adult is that they are super easy to wear and very comfortable. As the name suggests, clear aligners are basically invisible when you wear them, so you do not need to worry about people noticing, staring or making comments at the next family event or board meeting. Unlike pretty much all other types of teeth straightening systems, clear aligners are removable, which is fantastic as it means you can remove them to clean your teeth or eat, again making them super adaptable to your lifestyle.

Traditional wire braces

For some patients, wire braces are needed in order to achieve the results they are looking for, particularly if they are experiencing serious bite issues or major overcrowding. Although this type of system can feel a little intimidating, it is very obvious the pros in terms of outcome and speed are fantastic. Wired braces are also, for the most part, the most economic option on the market, still offering excellent results.

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Lingual braces<

Lingual braces sit somewhere between both the above with them being wire braces that can be attached behind the teeth rather than the outside. This gives a completely invisible look to those wanting the most discreet type of treatment. As lingual braces use a wired system, they are also able to fix a lot of complex orthodontic issues; this option does tend to come with one of the highest price tags as it combines lots of fantastic new technology.

Nervous about straightening teeth as an adult?

It is very understandable that straightening your teeth as an adult is a daunting prospect, and the thought of people noticing or making comments about your desire for better teeth can feel embarrassing. However, it is really important to acknowledge that putting yourself and your wants first is far more important than. We also live in a world that is far more inclusive and considerate, with more people being empathetic to those who want to change things about themselves.

Speak to your orthodontist in Liverpool about the adult brace options available to you.

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