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Patient About to Have Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Hampshire can be a long process for some people and it is important not to get disheartened at any stage along the way. Although the process for more people is getting quicker and quicker as materials and techniques are constantly refined, for some people it just takes longer and keeping the benefits of dental implants in mind is a good way to stay positive.

Dental implants in Hampshire can take up to a year for some people if they have added complications. The only way to find out how long it will take is to visit a reputable and experienced implant provider, such as Dental Implants Hampshire.

Why Can Dental Implant Treatment Take Longer?

Complications that can add time to the implant process start off with there being other problems that need fixing before the implant process can begin. There might be failing teeth that need to be extracted and allowed to heal over before implants can be inserted. This is especially the case if the patient is having implants in order to stabilise their dentures.

In Hampshire, dental implants can also be delayed if the remaining teeth have drifted so badly that there is not enough room in the jawbone to insert the implant or put the crown in. The patient might then need to undergo some teeth straightening treatment before implant surgery.

If the patient is suffering from gum disease, it is very important that this is dealt with before the implants are fitted. Although implant crowns, which are made of porcelain, cannot decay, gum disease is the main cause of implant failure. The disease can attack the bone and cause the implant to loosen in the socket.

If the patient has uncontrolled diabetes or is a smoker, they may well be told that they must get their diabetes under control, and stop smoking before implant surgery. Once again, this is because both can hinder healing and may lead to implant failure.

Sometimes patients don’t have a dense enough jawbone and need to have a bone graft done before implant surgery. This can add a few months to the treatment time because the graft has to take before implants can be inserted.

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