The low down on oral implants

oral implant

Filled with dread over the thought of dentures but conscious about your gappy smile?

Curious about the popular implant solution?

This article unveils answers to some of the more commonly asked questions on oral implants to help you gain a better understanding of the procedure.

The time frame on oral implants

When searching for a solution for your broken smile, you will be thinking more long-term rather than short-term. When cared for efficiently, dental implants Clapham can last up to and, in some cases, over 15 years. Whilst this is an excellent length of time, in order to achieve this kind of duration, your oral hygiene process needs to be on top form and regular dental checkups need to be attended to keep your smile in good health.

array of oral implants

For more information on how to care for your oral implants both in the short and long term, contact your dental team and get first-hand advice.

A costly approach to tooth restoration?

As with all cosmetic-based treatments, the cost is slightly higher than standard treatments. However, there is no set price list for these kinds of things as it varies from practice to practice and often varies between patients. Some patients will require just one implant whilst others may need more; therefore, a quote will always be provided to you after an understanding has been made of what your smile needs are.

Rest assured that before undergoing any treatment, your dental team will carry out a consultation appointment where the extent of the process and possible costs will be discussed.

A painful procedure?

If the procedure was painful, it would not be quite as popular as it is. When undergoing an implant procedure, the area will be numbed and any post-treatment pain can be easily managed using over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol. Those in unbearable discomfort must contact their dental team to get checked over.

Oral implants offered elsewhere

When it comes to having implants inserted in your jaw, it is important to know that the dentist carrying out the task not only has the knowledge and experience to do so but is also qualified to do so.

Does my lifestyle and eating habits need to change for implants?

If you had to alter your eating habits for your new smile, it would not last too long; once the implant site has healed, you can go back to your normal eating habits! Yes, you need to be sensible, so try to avoid crunching down on huge gobstoppers and keep on top of your oral hygiene processes. But aside from that, go wild!

A dental implant can be put in place to replicate a natural tooth, from the cosmetic appearance and feel of the tooth to how it must be cared for. As with natural teeth, there is a need to treat them with care, keep on top of the daily oral hygiene processes and attend regular dental checkups.

Ask your dental team about your options and gain in-depth insight as to how to care for your implants.

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