Lifestyle Choices that Put Oral Health at Risk

Woman pointing at her teeth

Many people think that if they brush their teeth regularly and visit a dentist in Mackay for a check-up once in a while, that’s enough to keep their teeth healthy. However there are a number of things that can affect the health of the teeth and gums, such as diet and lifestyle.

Most importantly, regular annual check-ups with a dentist in Mackay can help to spot any dental issues before they become too serious. Practices such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay are focused on preventive dentistry and can offer advice on hygiene, diet and more.

Stop Smoking for Healthier Teeth and Gums

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health, and it should be obvious that the mouth – the part of the body where the smoke is drawn in – is particularly at risk. Mouth cancer is a very real risk for smokers.
Studies are underway into the effects of e-cigarettes as the risks are unknown at the moment, but they have the potential to pose as great, if not greater, cancer risks due to the chemicals used.

Smoking also causes more cosmetic issues such as staining, and can lead to other oral problems such as gum disease. Smokers should visit a dentist in Mackay for advice on the best way to look after their teeth and gums.

A Healthy Diet Helps Healthy Teeth

Most people are aware that sugar is bad for teeth, but it’s not the only food to avoid for good oral health. Acidic foods and drinks can also do damage, and the time of day certain foods are eaten can have an effect. Visit a dentist in Mackay for dietary advice.

Other Lifestyle Aspects that can Affect Oral Health

Mouth piercings are a way to display individuality, but they are also a risk to oral health. There is always a risk of infection while the piercing is healing, but there is more to it than that. If a metal object presses against the teeth too much, for too long, it can actually cause a gap between the teeth to form. Cheek and gum tissue is very delicate and can be easily damaged by metal objects in the mouth.

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