Knee Replacement Surgery Options

Man consulting a knee doctor

Are you experiencing knee pain after an injury? If yes, it is essential that you seek treatment for the injury to restore the normal condition of the knee. Knee replacement is one of the treatment options that you can access after seeing an orthopedic surgeon in Provo with a knee injury. There are other treatment options such as physiotherapy and medication, but surgery proves to have the best results in the long run. The only limitations to have replacement surgery include the presence of ulcers in the knee region and when a patient has weak thigh muscles. The types of replacement surgeries include:

Complex Knee Revision

This replacement surgery is necessary when a patient has more than one joint replacements in one knee. This replacement requires a long stem to allow the secure fixing of the component in the bone’s cavity. The added components may interlock to provide more stability in the knee’s hinge. A missing bone can be replaced with plastic or metal.

Replacement of the Kneecap

Just as the name suggests, this replacement surgery constitutes replacing the surface that lies underneath the kneecap. This surgery applies if that is the only part of the knee that has undergone damage. The reason surgeons prefer this type of surgery is to protect the other part of the knee that is in good condition. Since this is a minor surgery, the recovery time of the knee is shorter. This surgery is a success when the condition does not progress to the other regions of the knee.

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Knee surgeons in actionThe knee has three compartments; the kneecap, outer, and inner. When one of these compartments is inflamed or damaged, it becomes necessary to replace just the affected compartment, hence the name unicompartmental. This surgery has minimal interference in the knee region. This replacement surgery happens through an incision in the knee and is very less invasive. The surgery, therefore, takes less time to heal completely and causes better functionality. A patient should have strong ligaments before they can be considered candidates for this surgery.

Replacement of the Entire Knee

In some cases, more than one compartment of the knee is damaged, and the orthopedic surgeon suggests that a patient undergoes total replacement surgery. The replacement surgery involves the replacement of the bone and joint surfaces. In the replacement surgery, the surgeon prefers to preserve natural components as much as they can. The integration of the new parts of your knee uses cement. If not, the components that face the bone undergo coating or texturizing to allow forming of a natural bond. Also, bones can grow onto the surface. Surgeons also use plastic bearings that are loosely attached to metal parts. The plastic bearings lower the rate of wear and tear on the new joint in your knee area.

A knee injury can and will affect the quality of your life. However, modern medicine has availed different treatment options for injured knees. Once you experience knee pain, it is essential that you visit an orthopedic surgeon for diagnosis and treatment. The orthopedic surgeon in Provo will suggest the ideal treatment depending on your knee injury condition.

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