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It is inarguable that we are living in unprecedented times. In a world of constant change and uncertainty, it can be easy to forget the little things as our focus is elsewhere. However, it is important for all of us that we do not forget the value and necessity of maintaining a high standard of dental health and wellbeing. Besides the social implications that having poor oral health can bring, there are also serious health ramifications which can arise. That being said, anyone who has neglected their oral wellbeing over recent months can have their teeth professionally looked over and treated through seeking out the services of a trustworthy, reputable dentist. In doing so, it is possible to enhance your smile both on a cosmetic level as well as on an oral health basis, and ensure that your teeth are in as good a shape as they can possibly be.

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Cosmetic tooth whitening

One of the most popular forms of treatment which patients seek out from their local, trusted dental practice is cosmetic teeth whitening. Our enamel, which is the outermost layer of tooth, is prone to become discoloured and stained – regardless of how regularly or efficiently we brush or floss. This happens for a number of reasons, such as natural ageing or through taking certain medications. Additionally, if you smoke or regularly consume dark coloured or rich drinks, such as black coffee and red wine, then there is an increased possibility that your enamel can become stained or visibly marked. And even eating healthy fruits such as blueberries or cherries can cause teeth to become stained. Thankfully, it is now possible to reverse and eradicate any visible stains from your teeth in a matter of hours, through cosmetic dental whitening. This ability to effectively and visibly brighten and whiten your teeth in such a way has made cosmetic tooth whitening one of the most popular forms of treatment available today. This is particularly evident in those who are looking to enhance the shade of their teeth in preparation for a special occasion or event such as a wedding or important interview.

How does cosmetic whitening work?

Thanks to the progression of dental science, there are now a number of different whitening procedures which patients can choose from – each of which have their own benefits and advantages for the patient. Typically, there are two forms of whitening which are available through trustworthy dental practices – which are in-practice whitening, and home-whitening kits. The first is the most regularly sought out method in order to achieve results in the quickest time. The Enlighten Whitening system, which is one of the most popular whitening methods to achieve fast, visibly enhancing results, is the only whitening process which can promise to brighten a patient’s teeth by up to 16 shades of whiteness. This is achieved through the creation of a unique mould of the patient’s tooth structure. Into this mould, a safe quantity of a specialised dental bleaching gel – which contains hydrogen-peroxide – is placed. When this retainer is placed over the patient’s teeth the bleaching gel clears away any stains and discolouration to the patient’s enamel almost immediately. After just an hour, it is possible to brighten and whiten your smile and leave the practice with a clean, fresh smile.

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