Invisalign London vs traditional braces for straightening your teeth

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There are many different types of braces that are available for straightening your teeth. If you have orthodontic concerns, then you need to speak to your dentist and identify your issues so that you can decide which are the best type of braces for you. If you have mild or moderate misalignment issues of the teeth, then you may wish to speak to your dentist and find out about invisalign London.

Invisalign London is a modern method of teeth straightening that was first established in 1999 and quickly became one of the most popular choices amongst orthodontic braces. It is in complete contrast to traditional orthodontic braces and is ideal for those who avoided traditional orthodontic treatment when they were younger.

Traditional braces

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Traditional braces are highly effective at what they do. They are designed for all types of orthodontic needs, including complex cases, and straighten your teeth successfully with long-term results, improving the appearance of your smile and promoting better dental health. Unfortunately, traditional orthodontic braces are highly visible in the mouth and can require up to 2-3 years to correct the alignment of your teeth. They can be restrictive, preventing you from enjoying your favourite foods; they can also affect your ability to brush and floss your teeth effectively, which can result in dental health complications such as gum disease.


Invisalign works using clear thermoplastic aligners; these are highly discreet which help avoid unwanted attention to your mouth, especially if your teeth make you feel self-conscious. Invisalign is better suited for mild or moderate orthodontic issues, therefore the treatment time is shorter than with traditional orthodontic braces and can straighten your teeth in as little as 6 months. The average treatment time is between 6 and 12 months and for more complicated cases this can take up to 18 months. Invisalign London produces long-term results and, with the use of Invisalign’s very own retainer system, you can maintain a beautiful, neatly aligned smile for the rest of your life.

In contrast to traditional braces, Invisalign is highly convenient. The aligners can be taken out of your mouth whenever needed. They are to be taken out at mealtimes which means you can enjoy all your favourite food including hard fruits and chewy foods, which are to be completely avoided with traditional braces. Removable aligners also mean that you can maintain an excellent dental hygiene routine through brushing and flossing your teeth as normal. When you visit the dentist for your regular hygienist appointment, they will also be able to clean your teeth effectively for you once removing the Invisalign. This prevents the development of any dental health complications whilst undergoing teeth straightening. Speak to your dentist today and find out about the many advantages of Invisalign and why it could be the ideal choice of teeth straightening for you. You can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile very soon.

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