How the Modern Diet Destroys Your Oral Health

A woman measuring her waist line

We’re lucky to have a wonderful selection of healthy food to fuel our bodies. People are now able to create food lifestyle choices, which is not possible thousands of years ago. Still, you might be surprised to know that what seems to be the healthiest choice for your body comes with consequences that affect your teeth.

You have probably achieved the waistline you have been dreaming of, but not your teeth. Find out how these popular weight loss strategies affect your oral health.

Low-calorie diets

Burning calories may be the most effective way to lose weight, but cutting too much on food intake can have an impact on your health. Malnutrition is obviously a bad effect, but it can also weaken your jawbone, soften your tooth enamel, and make you vulnerable to oral health diseases. Mahoney Family Dentistry noted that this may create the need for dentures.

Ketogenic diet

One of the most popular trends in weight loss has been the keto diet. It’s a low-carb diet, but it may lead to halitosis or bad breath. One of the main causes of bad breath in this kind of diet is it releases certain chemicals in your breath as you burn fat. The moment your breath stinks, you are perhaps doing a great job of sticking to your diet plan. Consider modifying your diet or drink more fluids, so you can prevent the risk of halitosis.

Low-fat diet

A low-fat diet can restrict the consumption of Vitamins K, A and D. Vitamin D, most importantly, is important for your teeth’s health since it helps your entire body take in calcium. Your teeth may start to break down when your body misses the calcium it absorbs from these vitamins.

Having a healthy set of pearly whites is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Before considering that diet plan, consult your dentist so you would know the effects of your weight loss program on your oral health.

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