How Different are Dentures Today?

Dentist showing patient's dentures

Dentures have come a long way over the years as dental technologies and techniques have continued to advance. There was a time when dentures looked fake and left wearers in a significant amount of discomfort. Dentures in Edinburgh are a far cry from this, much to the relief of many patients who have experienced tooth loss and are in need of an affordable but effective way to restore their missing teeth.

One of many practices in the city that provide modern dentures in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Dental Specialists. Every practice is different but there are a few things patients can look out for when deciding where to get their dentures made.

Extensive training

All dentists undergo years of training and education before they become qualified to take care of a patient’s dental health. However when it comes to restoring missing teeth, some dentists have undergone further training for several years focusing specifically on the design, production and fitting of replacement teeth. This additional training provides these dentists with a greater level of experience in the cosmetics and practicalities of providing patients with custom-made dentures in Edinburgh.

Keeping it all in-house

A dentist works alongside a dental technician to design and manufacture dentures. Many dental practices will send all the relevant information to an external dental laboratory where the dentures will be made. However some dental practices have their own in-house dental technicians, who they work closely with to produce well-fitting dentures for their patients.

Up-to-date technology

The technology behind producing dentures can be just as important as the dental technician crafting them. IVOCLAR injection moulding helps dental technicians produce strong dentures with an accurate fit.

Confidence to give a guarantee

For many patients dentures will be something they use for the rest of their lives. Some dental practices therefore provide a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults.

Continued care

After a patient has been fitted with dentures, they may find that they don’t quite feel right or don’t function as they expected. An experienced dentist will be happy to work with the patient to resolve these issues, whether through advising them on how best to take care of their dentures or by making adjustments to the dentures themselves.

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