Getting the perfect fit for dentures

Dentist showing patient's dentures

Dentures can change a patient’s life if they have been living with little or no chewing power following tooth loss. Getting used to dentures and figuring out how to use them can take a little time, but once they are part of a patient’s daily routine they can serve as an effective form of tooth replacement.

At dental practices such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists, patients can expect to find a custom service for their dentures in Edinburgh.

Utilising modern technology

Edinburgh dentures today can be made using the IVOCLAR injection moulding system. This system ensures that patients receive strong dentures that fit snugly every time a new set is created. Full dentures can be created to replace an entire jaw of teeth or partial dentures can be made to replace a few missing teeth.

Dentists can now produce dentures that fit more comfortably than ever. The problems that denture users have faced in the past can be remedied with modern technology that ensures a better fit catered to the individual patient. This means that discomfort, rubbing and irritation from ill-fitting dentures can become a thing of the past.

Dentures without discomfort

For a patient to start their journey towards using dentures daily, a team of dental professionals needs to be brought together. Measurements and accurate models are made of the patient’s teeth to design how the dentures will fit and work.

To get the most natural appearance and help speech, each tooth in the denture is carefully crafted and positioned to fit the patient’s natural symmetry. Information is also gathered on the patient’s dental history to help judge how best to get well-fitting dentures in Edinburgh.

Tooth loss causes the jaw and gums continue to change shape over time. This is the reason why once well-fitting dentures can become loose and uncomfortable over time. To overcome this, additional denture liners can be provided to fill the gaps created by the changes in shape.

Dentures in Edinburgh therefore don’t have to get in the way of a person’s everyday lifestyle and can instead serve to help them enjoy the foods they love and smile without worrying about their teeth.

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