Choosing a Dentist in Wigmore: The Basics

A dentist in her clinic

What makes a dental practice stand out from the crowd? Why does a patient choose one over another? In any local area, there are a host of dentists to pick from. These are the basics that any surgery worth its salt will have in place, such as the Wigmore Dental Practice.

Qualified staff

Potential patients are well-advised to check the qualifications and the registration of the dentist in Wigmore.

All UK dentists are required by law to register with the General Dental Council (GDC). The registration number for each dentist should be easily available on the practice website. Patients can then check this on the GDC website, which lists the practitioner’s qualifications, including any extra awards in particular areas of dentistry.

It is also worth checking the qualifications and experience of the support dental staff such as hygienists and dental nurses, and the practice manager and reception staff. This should all be clearly displayed on the website. If not, it’s a chance for patients to pop into the surgery and ask for details and check out the practice environment while they are there.

Financial transparency

NHS dentists give patients a clear outline of how much treatment will cost, depending on what level of care is required. It will be Band 1, 2 or 3 and for Band 2 and 3, patients will be given a detailed treatment plan. Private dentists should also give patients an outline of time and cost before a patient agrees to treatment. Many surgeries offer free consultations, either on the phone or in person, to give patients a chance to understand what they are committing to before putting down cash. A private dentist in Wigmore may also offer finance plans so patients can spread the costs of care.

A welcoming environment

A warm, comfortable and clean reception and consulting room is a must. Going to the dentist in Wigmore can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. Having a safe environment with friendly staff can help to relieve this and it’s also what any patient should expect from a medical professional. It gives confidence that the dentist in Wigmore can keep their house in order and has high professional standards.

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