A Marketer’s Guide to Social Distancing


The tourism and hospitality industry enjoyed an uptrend for the past decades, thanks to the enormous influx of tourists. However, the industry wasn’t prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as the Financial Crisis of 2008 and now, a global pandemic. Hotels and restaurants are at risk of losing billions of dollars in revenue. It can take them years to recover their losses.

This crisis introduced a new norm: social distancing. Since the industry relies heavily on person-to-person socialization, keeping distance can be difficult for many. However, flexibility is critical to emerging victorious after the storm.

So how do you adjust to the new norm and still perform your task as a marketer? Here are some points you should ponder on:

Create content

One of the best ways to engage while keeping a social distance is content marketing. Hospitality marketing consultants suggestthat creating content is a cost-effective measure to engage your target market. Writing informative articles is a good way of informing the audience about the health measures you have adopted for your restaurant or hotel.

You can either post these on your company’s official social media channels or as a guest article on other websites within the industry. Video content and live video streaming are different avenues for marketing your content.

Stay connected

Marketers thrive through socialization, but “keeping one’s distance” can be challenging. Given the situation, it shouldn’t be an obstacle in keeping in touch. Use social media to reach out to clients and guests. Encourage them to post reviews or testimonials on your SocMed pages.

This also helps create an online buzz that can attract future customers. Don’t forget to keep tabs with your team and colleagues. Organize a daily video conference to touch base with them. Ask them about their telecommuting experienceand how things are. Sharing experiences is a good way of coping with the new norm for both customers and co-workers.

Revise strategies

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While a strict health advisory against traveling is still imposed, this is the perfect time to review and revise your marketing strategies. One of the first things you need to consider is your marketing budget. Save some of it for later as the demand for travel vacations and hotel accommodations are expected to dip until the health crisis is resolved.

Include possible customer cancellations when revising your strategies. Be flexible and entertain these to show empathy for your clients. This simple strategy will also help build loyal customers. Also, don’t forget to include plans on how to welcome back guests once everything goes back to normal.

Ask help from the team

Discuss your revised plans with your team so everyone will be on the same page. Ask for their inputs or insights and take note of them. Their contributions give greater value to your new strategy, which will help your marketing efforts thrive beyond this crisis.

Social distancing shouldn’t cripple your marketing efforts. The main principle of marketing is adapting to changes and adopting best practices to survive. The future is bright, and this too shall pass.

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