5 Things to Look for in a Physical Rehab Center

Clean rehab center

A nowadays can go as far as providing specialty services and some sort of accommodations. Reputable physical rehabilitation centers in Chandler, Arizona varies in types and services, but they all target the same objectives.

With the ever-increasing number of rehab centers, finding the best fit can be as challenging as the need to physically get back into shape at the soonest. To help you with the choice, below are things to look for in a quality rehab facility:

1. The center is accredited

Accreditation should be a foremost requirement. To find out if a facility is accredited, check the list of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) online or any local sources such as hospitals. JCAHO evaluate facilities in all levels of care every three years.

2. The center is neat and clean

A facility should be neat and clean. Upon entering, you must not see any trash, smell any odor, or come across scattered paperwork in the reception desk. A well-managed center is an organized and policy-driven facility.

3. The center provides outpatient care

A center offering outpatient therapy and related services will allow you to come back after a discharge. The same therapist will often work with a patient. This is highly recommendable as the same treatment plan is continued.

4. The center offers more than the standard therapy of nursing facilities

A rehab facility should provide more therapy than a nursing facility would since the goal is to recoup overall health and wellness. Make sure that you ask if therapy is done every day of the week. Lasting for at least an hour per day, the therapy should be progressive.

5. The center has staff that is available 24/7

A staff that is available all day, all week means that they are serious about reaching the goals of the treatment plan. Apart from nurses and case workers, look for a doctor and an internist who are available on site all the time. There should be one or two therapists available each day.

A rehabilitation facility must go above what a primary care or nursing care facility would provide. Since the treatment is long-term and progressive, the services should also be in line with rehabilitation care expectations.

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