5 Dental Sealants Myths, Debunked

Woman speaking with dentist on a dental clinic

Thanks to fluorides, improved dental hygiene, and regular dental checkups, tooth decay is on the decline. Still, cavities affect more kids than any other childhood disease. Also, millions of adults seek treatment for decayed teeth every year.

One fundamental way to gain more ground on dental caries is to increase the number of people protecting their teeth with sealants. Debunking the following myths about sealants can help do just that.

1. Sealants are a new treatment.

Many people don’t know about dental sealants. But that’s not because sealants are a new thing. Sealants have been around long enough for enough studies to confirm they’re safe and effective. Dentists started applying them to teeth in the 1960s.

2. Sealants are just for children.

People who mistakenly think that cavities are a childhood issue may feel sealants are also for children. However, anyone with the deep grooves on their teeth can benefit from sealants. Suitable candidates may include babies and adults.

3. Dental sealants hurt.

People, especially those with dental phobia, may skip talking to their dentists about sealants thinking that sealants hurt. But this is fiction. This treatment is simple, according to the experts at Gio Dental at Station Landing. You won’t feel a thing as your dentist in Medford MA applies the special coating to your teeth.

4. Dental sealants are expensive.

Dental caries seems to affect economically-disadvantaged people than the affluent. Sealants can help reduce this prevalence disparity. They’re an affordable and cost-effective way to prevent decay and save money and time that’s often spent treating teeth with cavities.

5. Sealants make the mouth look funny.

Dentists paint dental sealants directly on the enamel where the coatings bond instantly to teeth and harden. Accordingly, sealants are invisible and don’t affect the aesthetic appearance of a smile.

During the many years they have been around, dental sealants have proven to be safe and effective. Still, many people don’t know about them or don’t consider getting them applied. If all good candidates get their teeth sealed, that will significantly benefit the fight against decay.​

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