3 reasons people get veneers from their cosmetic dentist

woman's white teeth

Veneers are a popular option for those who wish to get a better smile with a minimum of fuss. A few visits to the cosmetic dentist to get this treatment done are usually all that is needed to dramatically improve the appearance of the teeth. This form of self-improvement is now as popular with celebrities and the wealthy as it is with the ordinary person on the street.

What are veneers?

Veneers are wafer thin coverings that are fixed to the front of the teeth. They are made from porcelain or a special type of composite material; and this is shaped to match the tooth or teeth so that it looks very natural.

Most patients need to have a little removal of the surface area of the tooth or teeth onto which the veneers are being placed. This is to allow a good fit, so that the veneers are moulded onto the teeth rather than placed on. The treatment can usually be completed within a short period of time, a few sessions – which makes it ideal for those who are impatient to improve the appearance of their teeth.

Improve the colour of teeth

Many people complain about having discoloured teeth, particularly as they age. The teeth can become less white simply as a consequence of ageing; but there are often lots of other factors that can contribute to stained or yellow teeth. People who have enjoyed a lot of coffee, red wine and those who smoke often find that their teeth are not looking as pristine as they should.

Veneers allow patients to get a considerably whiter smile that looks very natural. The great thing about getting veneers to alleviate discoloured or stained teeth is that they will stay that way for much longer. This is because the material that is used does not stain or become yellow, so the treatment can have great long term results.

Get in shape

A veneer treatment is often used to correct teeth that are misshapen. This could be due to an injury or grinding the teeth which causes them to become chipped or shaped in a way that makes them different to the others. The treatment can be used to make the teeth look more uniform, whilst still retaining a natural look.

Fix crooked teeth

woman getting a veneer on for her teeth in the dental clinic

Veneers can be a relatively quick and easy means of fixing crooked teeth, or those with unsightly gaps between the teeth. This kind of treatment can be done much more quickly than getting braces; which makes it especially appealing for adult patients who may be self-conscious or unsure about undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Veneers can be a very effective means of improving the teeth, but they are not necessarily suitable for everyone. People who are considering this treatment should consult with their dentist to discuss the improvements they would like to make. An experienced professional will advise on the best options available for them on an individual basis; and explain what is involved in any treatments.


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