3 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Techniques to Eliminate Unwanted Body Fats


A young woman playfully wrapping a measuring tape around her waist Are you having difficulty concealing your belly fat? Perhaps you want to achieve a flat abdomen to match your slim body contour.

Clarity Skin explains that if you want to get a flat stomach, it is important to visit a med spa in Utah. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are now available to target fat cells in specific regions of the body. Your doctor may advise you to undergo UltraShape, VelaShape, or CoolSculpting to reduce stored fats in the abdomen.


Ultrashape is a non-invasive technique that uses ultrasound energy to destroy underlying fat cells in the body. By focusing ultrasound waves at a certain depth on lipid-rich regions, it induces natural fat cell death.

As the device emits controlled pulses, it only targets unwanted fat cells and does not affect surrounding healthy tissues. Those who want a painless method without adverse side effects in the body prefer this procedure.


VelaShape is another fat reduction method that enables targeted cell death in the neck, arm, abdomen, and thigh. It uses infrared energy and vacuum to emit heat to trigger fat cell dissolution. It stimulates separation of fats from encircling connective tissues to ensure complete disintegration of excess fatty compounds. Vacuum also speeds up the growth and development of collagen to improve skin elasticity. After three sessions, you will notice a significant reduction in waist circumference.


CoolSculpting is a treatment modality that uses cool temperature to alter the architecture that supports fatty cells. Targeted fat cells become frozen and nonfunctional, making it easier to expel them from the system. Controlled cooling enables reduction of stubborn fat that cannot be eliminated through regular exercise.

Minimally invasive cosmetic treatments allow many people to get rid of unwanted bulges in their body. You can develop confidence to flaunt your body without worrying that others would judge you based on your figure. Look for a med spa that offers various body shaping techniques that suit your needs and preferences.

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