1 in 7 Brits Would Rather Go Through a Divorce Than Visit the Dentist


Dental TreatmentNothing is worse than going through a divorce — except, maybe, going to a dentist.

This is the sentiment of most Brits, according to a new research conducted by Toothpick, the United Kingdom’s largest book-a-dentist website. The research revealed that one in seven Brits would rather go through a divorce than go to a dentist.

This is a frightening statistic and it displays the sheer hold that odontophobia or fear of the dentist can have over people. It also shows that the British are no closer to the perfect smile.

Understanding the Irrational Fear

People have different reasons to fear the dentist. Others think the dental treatment will hurt, or that the sounds of drills and clinking metals remind them of bad experiences. Dental practices, such as BroadwayDentalClinic.or.uk agree that some people even have such bad dentist phobia that they have never seen a dentist for years.

The Toothpick research, in particular, found out that in men, fear of the dentist stems from fear of being reprimanded about their oral health. Nearly a quarter of the men surveyed cited this as a main reason for avoiding checkups. Women, on the other hand, fear the noise of the drill, further pain and needles.

Serious Consequences of Odontophobia

For many dentists, it is common to hear from adults that they have not been to the dentist since childhood. Because of the intense, reasonable fear, many may put up with the pain, periodontal disease and even unsightly teeth to avoid visiting a dental professional.

The Key is to Find a Gentle Dental Professional

The good news is that an increasing number of dentists across the country understand odontophobia. They realise that gentle treatment, combined with sedation dentistry, can do a lot to make a visit to the dentist easy and acceptable.

So, for people with odontophobia, it is important to remember that the dentist is the best people to talk to when it comes to this type of fear. But of course, patients must find an understanding dentist.

Once you understand that going to the dentist is not so bad after all, you will know that divorce is still harder to endure than a simple dental drill.

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